The gothic route is a novelty in the field of the cultural and roads theme across Slovakia. It is divided in four main parts, in which the tourist can visit castles, quite preserved historical units in some towns, museums, cathedrals, but also small churches of the country, the middle-class houses or the romantic stone bridges.

The gothic route is signalled along the roads with brown and white color signs. The logo it's a gothic shape arc wit the notice "Goticka cesta".

The attraction is increased by the fact that the road goes through natural territories like the national parks of the Slovak Paradise, national parks of Muranska planina and of Pieniny. In the tourist region of Gemer the road licks the national park of the Slovak Karst, where you can visit known caves protected by UNESCO.


  • Levoca: St. Jacob's Church, Town Hall - museum
  • Dravce: The gothic stone bridge, Antoniti Church
  • Spissky Stvrtok: the Church of St. Ladislav and the chapel of Zapolsky
  • Spisska Nova Ves: the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the tower
  • Markusovce: the mansion house of Markusovce and the summer house The Dardanels - museum
  • Dobsina: the Protestant church, possibility of to visit the Dobsinska Ice Cave
  • Stratena: the Church of St. August
  • Muran: the ruins of the castle of Muran
  • Revuca: the Church of St. Vavrinec
  • Chyzne: the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
  • Stitnik: the Protestant church
  • Ochtina: the Protestant church, possibility of to visit the Ochtinska Aragonit Cave
  • Kocelovce: the Protestant church
  • Betliar: the mansion house at Betliar; museum and park
  • Roznava: the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary; the Protestant church; the tower of guard
  • Krasnohorske Podhradie: the castle of Krasna Horka; Gallery of the family
  • Andrassy; the mausoleum of the family Andrassy
  • Smolnik: the St. Catherine's Church
  • Gelnica: the Church of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the museum of the mine
  • Krompachy: the Church of St. John Apostle Evangelist
  • Spisske Vlachy: the Church of St. John the Baptist
  • Zehra: the Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Spisske Podhradie: the castle of Spis, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary
  • Spisska Kapitula: St. Martin's Cathedral
  • Spissk√Ĺ Hrhov: the neo-baroque mansion house


  • Vrbov: the Church of St. Servac
  • Lubica: the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • Kezmarok: the wooden Protestant church; the Holy Cross Church; the castle-museum of Kezmarok
  • Velka Lomnica: the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria
  • Poprad: the Church of St. Egidius; museum of the Tatra
  • Poprad-Spisska Sobota: St. George's Church
  • Poprad-Matejovce: the Church of St. Sthephan the king


  • Strazky: the mansion house; the Church of St. Anna
  • Spiska Bela: the Church of St. Anton the hermit
  • Slovenska Ves: the Church of the Virgin Mary
  • Spisska Stara Ves: the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
  • Cerveny Klastor: the Carthusian Monastery with its church
  • Stara Lubovna: the castle-museum of Lubovna; the Church of St. Nicolas
  • Hranicne: the Church of the Virgin Mary
  • Podolinec:the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary; the Church and Monastery of the Piarist


  • Tisovec: the Protestant church
  • Rimavske Brezovo: the Protestant church
  • Kyjatice: the Protestant church
  • Kraskovo: the Protestant church
  • Rimavska Bana: chiesa evangelica
  • Rimavska Sobota: the museum of the regions Gemer-Malohontske
  • Ciz-terme: spa town
  • Sip: the Protestant church

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