Terchova This small village is situated 25 km from Zilina. Every year in the beginning of the August there is carry out of the international folk festival called "Janosik's Days". In winter season apart from different skiing and snowboarding competitions, attractive dog team race (January) and cart horse race (February) are being held. In the village is located the church of St. Cyril and Metod. Inside the church is installed the crib of carved wood. Terchova village is also know like the birthplace of the slovak national hero Juraj Janosik (1688-1713). To him the exposure of the Povazie Museum is dedicated. Its enormous statue dominates to the village.

Spa Rajecke Teplice

Spa Rajecke Teplice The spa is situated in the valley of the Rajcianka river, 15 km from Zilina. The beneficial effects of the curing waters in Rajecke Teplice have been renowned since the 14th century.

Indications: The thermal springs of 38°C are use for treatment: diseases of the locomotor apparatus - arthritis, the Bechtere disease, the arthrosis; non-tuberculosis diseases of the respiratory system; nervous disorders (neuromuscular degenerative diseases, parkinson disease, stress) polio, the diseases of bone, joints, muscles, tendons and other.

Spa treatments: hydrotherapy - balneotherapy, bath in the carbonic calciferous and magnesium thermal waters, hydromassage baths; Elektro-treatment - electro-stimulation, laser therapy, magnet therapy; Thermotherapy, paraffin packs and peat baths; oxygen therapy, massages, gas injections, solarium, inhalations, fitness, musicotherapy.

Trips: the walks until the rocky crags of the dolomite Strazov peaks, visiting and treking in the Mala Fatra National Park, the rocky crags of Sulov, visiting the town of Zilina, of the Kunerad castle, of the small village Terchova, trips to Bojnice, Cicmany, Rajecka Lesna.

Sport activities: there are two thermal pools, minigolf, tennis courts, fitness center, mountain biking in the surroundings, possibility to rowing on the pond, jogging, skiing.

Rajecka Lesna

Rajecka Lesna - Presepe Slovacco The Rajecka Lesna village is known for its crib, called the Slovak Crib (Slovensky Betlehem) and it is entirely carved in the wood. It is the greatest mobile wooden crib in Slovakia (measures 8,5 x 2,5 m). The author of this masterpiece is Jozef Pekara, carver from Rajecke Teplice, to which 15 years have been necessary in order to create this work. In his work of art he depicts not only the Nativity but also the history of the Slovak nation. The tableau of the Nativity is in the middle of the creche that is located in the village of Rajecká Lesná. All the Slovak regions can be found there represented by their most famous places and buildings, traditions, the national customs.


Cicmany This unique village is situated 655 m above the sea level in the Strazov Hills. The first written record of the village dates to 1272. The Cicmany village is known for its hand-painted decoration ornaments of the wooden houses. This decorations on the wooden houses was made with the varnish limestone, as it is thought that protected from the natural disasters.
The ornamental motive on the houses were inspired by the motive of the hand made embroideries. The Radena house (Radenov dom) accommodates one section of the Povazke regional museum. In the winter period there is the possibility to ski in the surroundings of Cicmany. The Povazske museum is opened: Tuesday-Sunday, 08.00 - 16.00

National park of the Low Tatra (Napant)

National park of the Low Tatra The chains of Nízke Tatry (Low Tatra) were declared in the 1978 the national park. The tops of the Low Tatras extend in the south-west in the northern part of the central Slovakia for 72.843 hectares.
Under the well-known Kralova hola mount, three important Slovak rivers rise - (Hron, Vah and Hornad). The national park is rich of flora and fauna. The lynx, the wild cat also the brown bear lives there.

In the Low Tatras there is a great number of systems of caves, deep forest valleys a lot of footpaths where is possible to do excursions and the ski centers very attended. The Demanova and Janska valley are the most searched between the all valleys in the national park. There were discovered some great caves and deep gorges. The most extended system of the caves is that of Demanova 22 km long and it includes the Demanova Liberty Cave and the Demanova Ice cave.

The highest summit of the Low Tatra is the Dumbier mount high 2034 m. The mountains of the Low Tatra are very visited, especially in the winter, because there are a lot of ski centers very good equips, like as an example the Jasna ski center, that is situated under the Chopok mount (2024 m), than also known the Donovaly ski center situated in the western part of the mountain chains, and other places as Tale, Krpacovo, Myto pod Dumbierom and Certovica.

Mala Fatra (Low Fatra)

National park of the Low Fatra The Mala Fatra mountain range (Low Fatra) with the extended one of 22.630 hectares were declared the National Park in 1988.The mountain range core is formed by granitoid rocks, the bigger part, however, is made from rocks of the envelope and sheet units, especially dolomites and limestone. The park is rich of flora and fauna. As for fauna, there is bear, lynx, otter, eagle, eagle owl, grouse and others.

The Mala Fatra mountain range is uniforms in two parts: the first part calls Krivanska Fatra, whose the highest point is the top of Velky Krivan-1709 meters elevation above sea level.National park of the Low Fatra In this part of the national park is situated the fascinating Vratna valley. It is the biggest centre for tourism, skiing and recreation in Mala Fatra. In the Vratna valley is also located the picturesque Stefanova village. Between the most beautiful places of Mala Fatra there are: the system of gorges with the waterfalls - Horne and Dolne Diery, Nove Diery, Skalne mesto ("the Rock Town") a group of rock formations.

National park of the Low Fatra The second part of the Mala Fatra mountain range calls Lucanska Fatra - the highest point is the top of Velka Luka - 1476 m above the sea level. Also in this part there are very good tourist and skiing possibilities. On the slopes of the Velka Luka there are the ski runs of the Martinske hole Ski center. It is very renowned and attended skiing location.

Sulov Rock (Sulovske Skaly)

Rocce di Sulov The National Nature Reserve Sulovske skaly is located 20 km from Zilina. In the reserve are situated some excursions paths, that lead the visitors until the rocks with the bizarre shapes, like for example the rock called the "Gothic gate". In this natural reserve it is also possible to reach the Sulov castle of the 15th century. Today of the castle they are only remained the ruins after an earthquake in 1858.

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