Bystrianska Cave

Open: 2.1 - 31.10
Closed: Monday
Duration of the guided tour: 45 min.

Bystrianska CaveThe Bystrianska cave lies in the Bystra village situated in the Bystrianska valley, in the western part of the National Park of the Low Tatra. The name of the cave derives from the river Bystrianka, that flows across the valley and the village, and thanks to this river, during the millennium, has formed the beauty of this cave. The Bystrianska cave is the unique cave in Slovakia that has the access without barriers. It was discovered in 1923 and between 1939 and 1940 became accessible to the public, without electric illumination. Other parts were discovered in 1950 and in 1960 the old part of the cave with the new part was united.

The length is of 2 km with drop of 92 m. The entrance of the cave is situated 565 m above sea level. In the deepest part of the cave there are numerous stalactites of different colours. The individual zones of the cave were called in base to the similarity of their formations.
The most attractive parts are: the Treasury, the Hell, the Catacombs, the Crashed House, the Inferior and Superior Room of the partisans, ...

In the cave they live 8 sorts of bats. The air temperature is between 5,7 and the 7,2°C and the relevant humidity is of 92 - 98%. Thanks to high level of relative humidity, in the cave are practise the speleotherapeutic procedures for the children since 1971.

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