Adrenaline sports lovers will certainly enjoy a very favorite water sports like rafting. Rafting is outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. In Rafting is recommended to use as a parade of experienced boaters or qualified instructors, because the amateur access and lack of experience may become dangerous sport.

In Slovakia there are many sites where you can practice rafting. The ideal place for rafting is a Water Sports Center in Cunovo (near the capital Bratislava), the Area of Water Slalom in Liptovsky Mikulas, but also the Slovak rivers like river Dunajec, Bela, Vah, Orava and Hron.

Area Divoka voda Bratislava – Cunovo

Area Divoka voda Bratislava – CunovoLocated 20 miles from the center of Bratislava. Their equipment meets the criteria for sports stadiums highest quality enabling it to organize races on European and global level. In the flow channel, whose length is 255 m, width of 14 mA depth of 1.2 meters, the water is calm. Serves to prepare the crew before entering the main channel. Two main channels are several interlinked, so you can achieve a number of possible combinations of driving directions. Channels ends into two outputs, which flow directly into the Danube. Accommodation and catering offer newly reconstructed hotel Divoka voda with a restaurant.

Rafting the river Bela

Rafting the river Bela River Bela is the most beautiful and the wildest natural river in Slovakia, which offers a unique rafting on the river with beautiful natural scenery and wild nature of the Tatras, directly under the mountain Krivan. Bela is a mountain river, which means that the conditions vary depending on the weather in a very short time. Rafting on the River Bela is only recommended for skilled and experts in rafting. The river rafting is possible only when the sailing conditions are good, which are from late April until end of May. Rafting is permitted from 15 April to 30 September. It cruises along the river from Podbanske to the mouth of the river Vah in Liptovsky Hradok. The upper part of the riverbed is narrow and very strong currents here hides many pitfalls that can handle only advanced canoeists. For beginners should start Pribylina.

Rafting the river Dunajec

Rafting the river Dunajec Dunajec River flows through the picturesque Pieniny National Park. Rafting on the Dunajec with this charming scenery and look at the symbol Pieniny "Three Crowns" from the surface is an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Rafting on this river is suitable for less experienced boaters.

Popular tourist attraction is also the navigation on typical wooden rafts on the river Dunajec.Wooden rafts on the river Dunajec In the summer season on the Slovak-Polish common part of the river of Dunajec are organized by various associations and organizations travel on rafts in different parts of the river and of different lengths.

Rafting the river Orava

Wooden rafts on the river OravaRafting on River Orava offers smooth sailing through the beautiful nature of Orava. E 'suitable for beginners, but also for families with children. Orava river is navigable throughout its course from Tvrdosin to its confluence with the river Vah in Kralovany.

Ondrej Cibak Area water slalom

Ondrej Cibak Area water slalom It is located 1.5 km far from the city of Liptovsky Mikulas. Top feeder channel is terminated starting pool 680 meters in length. It is led by two separate lines, which is approximately in the middle of joining together and run back into the river Vah. Left track with more severe difficulty is called "Vah" and right one is shorter but more difficult is called "Orava". The area is fed by water from the river Vah. The best conditions are in the spring months of May or June The course is open from early April to late October. It is suitable for everyone and should not be any exceptional experience. The safety boat will take care experienced instructors and professional equipment.



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