Jasovska Cave

Open: 1.4 - 31.10
Closed: Monday
Duration of the guided tour: 45 min.

Jasovska CaveThe Jasovska Cave is counted in a land-register of the Jasov village in Kosice-country district. The entrance of the cave is 257 m on the level of sea. The underground spaces of the cave catch up the length of 2122 m and a drop is of 55 m. In the cave are 314 steps that are necessary to cover more times. The temperature of the air is from the 8,5 until the 9,5°C and the relative humidity is 90-98%, ideal conditions for the speleotherapeutic spa.

Oldest channels created by a corrosion and an erosion of the vertically penetrated water was enlarged by waters of the Bodva river. The most large underground room of the cave is the Velky Dom (Great Dome). The other interesting spaces in the cave are: Labyrinth, Bat's Hall, Jewellery Room, Tiger Passage, Clay Passage, Smith Furnace Room, White Dome. In the cave there are different types of stalactites, of stalagmites, the waterfalls.

The Jasovska cave had inhabited already in the Neolithic Era, Bronze Age, Roman Period and in the Middle Ages. In fact there were uncovered a numerous valuable archeological finds. The superior of the premonster canons from the Jasov Monastery discovered this cave in 1846 and opened to the public. (The Jasovska cave is countered to oldest accessible caves in world.) In those times it was possible to go through it with the torches for a length of 250 m.

Jasovska CaveAfter a series of the researches in the years 1923-25 were discovered other underground rooms with a very precious archeological finds. On the walls they have been conserved numerous notices. The oldest proved notice on the cave wall is witness about a victory of the Jan Jiskra from Brandys forces from 1452 in the Hall of Hussits. Next notices are come from 1654 to 1657. The cave was made accessible by a modern way on July 20, 1924 and electrically illuminated in 1926. In the 1931 a new entrance was driven into cave and a new portal of entry was arranged.

Jasovska Cave Jasovska Cave Jasovska Cave Jasovska Cave

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