A rich history of cities has left a significant mark in their appearance and architecture ... more


Slovakia is a country with the largest number of castles, chateaux and villas in Europe ... more

National Parks

The most important areas are the national parks. In Slovakia there are 9 national parks and 14 protected reserves ... more


In Slovakia there are about 4,000 caves, 14 of which are publicly available. They are usually caves with stalactites ... more

Wooden Churches

Their construction and interiors are rare in the center of Europe, this cultural monuments are protected ... more

Unesco Heritage

The list of Slovak monuments included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage ... more

Tourist regions

There are 21 tourist regions. The most visited region of Tatras Liptov, Orava, Spis and Gemer ... more

Administrative Regions

Slovakia is divided into 8 administrative regions and are concentrated around major cities ... more

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