In Slovakia there are about 1300 mineral sources that are used like curative water and high quality mineral water to drink. The sources with curative effects are the resources for 23 thermal spas.

In the balneologic spas it's possible to treat locomotor apparatus diseaes, circulatory system diseases, digestive system diseases, respiratory diseases.

The climatic spas are very crowded, since thanks to the climate influences of the mountains, illnesses that cause respiratory and allergic problems, both in the children and in the adults, can be treated.

The thermal spas are situated in all of the territory. The slovak spas are quite equipped and offer high quality services.

Spa Bojnice

Spa Bojnice The curative effects of the local mineral water were known already from different centuries. The first thermal houses were built already in the 16th century.

Indications: the natural, curative, hydrogen-carbon-sulphate, calcic-magnesium hypotonic acrothermal water with the temperature ranging from 28 to 52 ºC treat the locomotive organs diseases and diseases of the nervous system.

Spa treatments: in the Bojnice Spa the patients have an entire care: balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflex treatment, rehabilitation, therapeutic physical exercise, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, oxygen therapy, treats with medicines.

Trips: the visit of the romantic castle of Bojnice, the visit of the castle park with the zoo, to go for a walk or cycling tours, to ride a horse or go fishing.

Culture and entertainment: dancing parties, concerts, folk program, the summer festival of the music, the international festival of the ghosts and spirits in the evocative nocturnal atmosphere in the castle.

Sport activities: an outdoor thermal swimming pool with a year-round service, tennis courts on the premises, minigolf.

Spa Dudince

Spa Dudince The spa of Dudince is situated in the southern part of Slovakia, 145 m above the level of sea. It is the youngest spa town in Slovakia.

Indications: the Medical house Diamant is the youngest and modern medical house in the spa. The natural water with curative effects, strongly mineralised, containing hydrogen-carbonate-chloride, sodium-calcium, carbonic, sulphide treat diseases as kinetic diseases, neurological diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, Bechterev's disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Spa treatments: Mineral baths, dynamic therapy, mechanotherapy - hydrotherapy and massage, paraffin wraps, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, fitness ball exercises, gas injection, laser, acupuncture.

Trips: walking in a spa park, trips into the neighbourhood and remote towns (Banska Bystrica, Zvolen, Banska Stiavnica), visiting museums, castles, fortresses.

Culture and entertainment: musical concerts

Sport activities: swimming pool, tennis court, cycling tours.

Spa Lucky

Spa Lucky The Lucky Spa is situated in the eastern part of the Choc mountain, 621 m above sea level, 14 km from the town of Ruzomberok.

Indications: The Spa treats for example chronic inflammations of internal genital tract, fertility malfunctions, menstrual disturbances, etc. The success of treatment is hidden in specific chemical composition of natural springs. The water is characterised as healing gesso-earthy carbonic water with temperature 32° C.

Spa treatments: the baths in the pool, gymnastics, the classic massages and relaxations, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, physiotherapy.

Trips: climbing on the Choc mountain 1611 m high, to go for a walk, trips to the nearby Liptovska Mara lake or to Vlkolinec village protected by UNESCO, visit of Demanova caves.

Culture and entertainment: library, cinema

Sport activities: fitness, cycling tours, minigolf, in winter there is possibility to ski in the nearby ski centers of Donovaly, Chopok-Jasna, Malino Brdo.

Spa Piestany

Spa Piestany Piestany is one of the most popular and famous spa towns, located 86 km from Bratislava. The spa symbol is the sculpture of a man breaking the crutch. The complex of spa houses, the lodgings and the Spa social life are situated in the beautiful park on the "Spa Island".

Indications: Post-accident and post-operation states of the locomotive apparatus, Rheumatoid arthritis and its variations, Disseminated sclerosis and other de-myelinic diseases in a benign state, ... cured with treatments by the mineral waters temperature ranging from 35°C to 38°C and healing sulphuric mud, the temperature of the applied mud varies from 40°C to 46°C.

Spa treatments: water-treatment procedures, electric treatment, remedial gymnastics, rehabilitation methods and techniques, massages, mud procedures

Trips: hiking in Povazsky Inovec hills, visit of the Piestany city, tours to Bratislava and to the historical town Trnava

Culture and entertainment: the summer music festival, concerts in the House of the art, the social Center on the Spa Island.

Sport activities:voleyball, handball, tennis,golf, swimming pools, the Cycling tracks along the Vah river, possibility of nautical sports and fishing

Spa Rajecke Teplice

Spa Rajecke Teplice The spa is situated in the valley of the Rajcianka river, 15 km from Zilina. The beneficial effects of the curing waters in Rajecke Teplice have been renowned since the 14th century.

Indications: The thermal springs of 38°C are use for treatment: diseases of the locomotor apparatus - arthritis, the Bechtere disease, the arthrosis; non-tuberculosis diseases of the respiratory system; nervous disorders (neuromuscular degenerative diseases, parkinson disease, stress) polio, the diseases of bone, joints, muscles, tendons and other.

Spa treatments: hydrotherapy - balneotherapy, bath in the carbonic calciferous and magnesium thermal waters, hydromassage baths; Elektro-treatment - electro-stimulation, laser therapy, magnet therapy; Thermotherapy, paraffin packs and peat baths; oxygen therapy, massages, gas injections, solarium, inhalations, fitness, musicotherapy.

Trips: the walks until the rocky crags of the dolomite Strazov peaks, visiting and treking in the Mala Fatra National Park, the rocky crags of Sulov, visiting the town of Zilina, of the Kunerad castle, of the small village Terchova, trips to Bojnice, Cicmany, Rajecka Lesna.

Sport activities: there are two thermal pools, minigolf, tennis courts, fitness center, mountain biking in the surroundings, possibility to rowing on the pond, jogging, skiing.

Spa Sliac

Spa Sliac It is situated between central Slovakia’s regional centre, the city of Banská Bystrica, and the district town of Zvolen, surrounded by extensive forests, parks and plains. The oldest written record regarding the springs at Sliac can be traced back to 1244, the reign of King Belo IV.

As a spa, Sliac was in operation as early as in the 16th century. Historically it ranked among the Empire’s most popular spas. Its popularity and attraction were attributed to the healing qualities of its mineral waters as well as visits by prominent figures of politics, business and arts. The present shape of the Sliac spa, with the dominant Palace complex, dates back to the 1930.

Indications: the water of the main Spa Spring contains sulphates, carbohydrates, magnesium and calcium, as well as a high level of carbon dioxide, with an isothermic temperature of 33.3 centigrades. In the world exist only three similar spas with this type of water: in Argentine, Australia and in Spain. Sliac continues to be a highly expert health resort specialising in providing treatment the cardiac and vasal disorders, dysfunctions of cardiac valves, Ischaemic cardiac disorder with anginose attacks and conditions following the implant of a pacemaker, conditions following a severe heart attack, ischameic cardiac disorder following a severe heart attack, hypertensive disorder of the I and II stages (based on WHO classification), hypertensive disorder of the III stage in WHO classification, aggravated through,ischaemic cardiac disorder, little cerebral strokes, vascular nephrosclerosis.

Spa treatments: Carbonic bath, water treatment procedures (underwater massages, floatation baths, Scottish streams, tread-bath), gas injections, vacuum press, electrotherapy procedures, inhalations, paraffin baths, and traditional massage, fitness, remedial gymnastics, sauna, dry carbonic bath.

Trips: short walks and trips in the surroundings, visit of Hronsek, Zvolen, Banska Bystrica, Detva, the castle of Viglas, the Harmanec and Demanova Caves. The Travel agencies organize visits half-day tourist trips to the historical mining towns of Kremnica and Banská Štiavnica, or one-day trips to the Low and High Tatra mountains.

Culture and entertainment:Every summer in the Spa is organised The cultural summer of Sliac presenting symphony concerts, music and singing shows showcasing prominent domestic and foreign artists.

Sport activities: a natural swimming pool with thermal water, tennis courts, minigolf, volleyball ground.

Spa Smrdaky

Spa Smrdaky The Smrdaky Spa lies near the town Senica and 80 km from capital city Bratislava. The Spa is situated at the foot of the Biele Karpaty Mountains, 241 m above above sea level. The first written note about the spa town of Smrdáky is found in the land registry published in 1617. The name Smrdaky derives from the word "stinks" (smrad) because of characteristic strong smell of the sulphur in the spa zone. The Smrdaky Spa is part of the company Slovak Health Spa Piestany.

Indications: Thanks to Hydrogen sulphide mineral water with high contents of salts of sodium, magnesium and calcium (3,400 mg/l) and therapeutically effective hydrogen sulphide (680 mg/l) (these contents rank of Smrdáky mineral water is the most concentrated sulphur waters in Europe), the spa treat the skin diseases, for example: Psoriasis, Eczemas, Dermatitis, Acne, but also diseases of locomotive apparatus.

Spa treatments: Mineral bath, Mud pack, Paraffin packs , Whirlpool bath, Scottish sprays, massage, Electrotreatment, phototherapy and rehabilitation.

Contraindications!: the Spa is not suitable for the patients that suffer of asthma.

Trips: Walking in the park, possibility to visit the beautiful castles like Cerveny Kamen Castle, Smolenice Castle or historical cities like Trnava and Bratislava.

Culture and entertainment: concerts, in the evening in Centrál café the dancing take place

Spa Trencianske Teplice

Spa Trencianske Teplice The spa city of Trencianske Teplice is located 14 km from Trencin. They are one of the oldest the spas in Slovakia and are very visited. The first written news record dates to 1398, but according to the legend, already in the 2th century was searched by the Roman legionaries of the field Laugaricio (Trencin) that it was situated near

The spa includes the houses of treatments in classical and modern style, they are situated in a park, full of paths and panoramic places. The most famous and characteristic building of the spa complex and the city itself is a spa house called Sina including the Hammam bath built in 1888 in oriental style. Other interesting objects are the sanatorium and the music pavilion of 1932.

Indications: Thanks to the springs of mineral water with temperature of 37-40,2 °C and with chemical composition of sulphur - calcium-magnesium-thermal-hypotonic mineral waters of a higher content of fluor, the spa are ideal place for treatment of diseases like: mobility apparatus defects, rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, sclerosis multiplex, organic nervous diseases.

Spa treatments: modern and classics therapeutic methods like as an example, riabilitazioni, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massages, mud compressions, acupuncture, injections gas, sauna, medical therapy

Trips: visiting of the Trencin and its castle, of the small village Cicmany, walking in the White Carpathians or on Strazov hills (Strazovske vrchy)

Iniziative socio-culturali: ogni anno si organizza il festival musicale - L'estate della musica ed il festival internazionale del film - ART FILM.

Culture and entertainmen: every year are organized the musical festival (The Summer music festival) and the international ART FILM festival

Spa Vysne Ruzbachy

Spa Vysne Ruzbachy The Vysne Ruzbachy Spa is situated near the town of Stara Lubovna, 623 m above sea level. The first written note about mineral sources of the spa go back to 1549. In the second part of the 17th century the Vysne Ruzbach Spa was search from the Polish and Hungarian aristocracy.

Indications: Thanks to the mineral water sources to basic slightly mineralized, carbonated, high quantity of calcium and magnesium, hypotonic with the temperature about 21°C and thanks to the favorable climate the Spa treat the Cardiovascular problems, psychological diseases, oncological problems, Non-tuberculosis upper respiratory passages diseases, female disorders, occupational diseases.

Spa treatment: Hydroteraphy, Rehabilitation and Physical therapy, Electrotherapy.

Trips: visit of the Lubovna castle in Stara Lubovna, trip to Cerveny Klastor, where is possibility to do rafting on the river Dunajec and visit the Carthusian monastery, to go for a hike in the national Park of Pieniny or trekking in the High Tatras

Culture and entertainment: dancing parties, concerts

Sport activities: tennis courts, volleyball court, summer pool with thermal water, cycling trails, in the winter possibility to ski.

Spa Strbske Pleso

Spa Strbske Pleso The climatic spa of Štrbské Pleso is situated in the High Tatras mountains. The settlement of Štrbské Pleso is not only a spa center but it is also the most important and renowned place for the tourism and winter sport. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, recreation and sport facilities.

Indications: The altitude of 1355 m and the mountains climate favors to heal the respiratory disorders, like for example: the Asthma bronchiale, Bronchitis chronica and allergic illnesses particularly of children.

Spa treatment: Inhalation, aeroionotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrokinetics, physical exercice, reflex massage, classical massage, acupressure, iInfrared therapy, diathermy, lavatherm, laser therapy, vacuumtherapy, oxygenotherapy, sauna.

Trips: the visits in other High Tatras climatic stations, for example Stary Smokovec, Tatranska Lomnica, visit of Belianska cave and picturesque village Zdiar, the trips in the nearby regions of Spis and Liptov.

Culture and entertainment: musical concerts, artistic shows, exhibitions of the regional folk groups, cinema.

Sport activities: fitness, sauna, covered swimming pools, five-a side fields, basketball fields, volleyball fields, in winter possibility to ski.

Spa Bardejov

Terme di Bardejov The Bardejov Spa lies 4 km from Bardejov. Already in the past century was very researched for its curative effects, above all for to cure of the metabolism diseases and the respiratory system diseases. Bardejov spa was in the past frequently visited by Hungarian nobility and some significant persons of history: the Austrian princess Maria Luisa (wife of Napoleon I.), Russian czar Alexander I. and also the Austrian empress Elisabeth, called Sissi (wife of Franz Joseph I.).

Indications: The spa has 17 sources with the mineral water asd hydrocarbonic - containing chloride and sodium - carbonic, cold, hypotonic, with a relatively high boric acid content. The total mineralization ranges from 1 600 mg/liter to 9 400 mg/liter, and that of carbonic oxide from 2 200 mg/liter to 3 800 mg/liter. The spa cure diseases like: blood circulation problems, diseases of gastrointestinal system, renal and urinary tract disorders, non-tubercular disorders of the respiratory tract, oncological problems.

Spa treatments: mineral water drinking cures, inhalation therapy, ginnastic, hydrotherapy, classical and under-water massages, electro-therapy, rehabilitation.

Trips: walking in the forest park (300 hectares), the visit of the Open Air museum - it is a folk architecture museum that is situated in the Spa complex, visit of the historical town of Bardejov protected by Unesco.

Culture and entertainment:the concerts held daily in the summer at the small amphitheater by the colonnade, cinema, theater and other activities during the summer festival in the Spa.

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