The most beautiful part of the Western Tatras are Rohace mountains. There are lot of starting points for trails. Beyond Rohace there are the natural preserves call Kotlov zlab, Osobita, very beautiful Rohace lakes, Sivy vrch, Uplaziky and protected natural formations like the Brestovska cave and Macacie diery.


Mountain’s pass trought Ostry Rohac

Tatliakovo jazierko (lake) – Zábrat – Rakon – Volovec – Ostry Rohac – Placlivô – Smutne sedlo – Tatliakovo jazierko.

The ascent on the Ostry Rohac mount is very binding. It’s one of the most attractive passes in the zone of Rohace. It's advisable to do it only with the fine weather. The point of departure for this ascent is Tatliakovo jazierko (Tatliakovo lake). Lasted of this route is about 3.30 min.

Around the Rohace lakes

Tatliakovo jazierko – First Rohace lake – Second and Third Rohace lakes – Fourth Rohace lake – little lake of Opalove – waterfall of Rohace – Adamcula.

One of the most attractive tourist “ventures” is the footpath around the mountain lakes of Rohace. Thanks this not dificult route, you can see the most beautiful parts of the Rohace valley.

Mountain’s pass trought Sivy vrch

Hutianske sedlo – Sivy vrch – Sedlo Palenica – Brestova – Zverovka

Very interesting itinerary above all in the zone of Sivy vrch with his rocky formations. The walk begins in the Huty village, from that it is climbed on Hutianske sedlo.

1. part: Hutianske sedlo – Sivy vrch, lasted about 3 hours, red-blazed trail, difficult.
2. part: Sedlo Palenica – Brestova, lasted about 1 hour
3. part: Brestova – Zverovka, lasted about 2 hours and 30 min, blue-blazed trail

Tri kopy

Tatliakovo jazierko – Smutne sedlo – Tri kopy – Hruba kopa – Banikov – Banikovske sedlo – Rohacsky vodopád – Adamcula - Zverovka.

The route is very difficult, in some parts of the footpath it is ensures with the chains. It is advisable to do this itinerary only with the fine weather. The point of departure of the route is the Tatliakovo lake (Tatliakovo jazierko) (1370 m.).

The part: Smutne sedlo – Banikovske sedlo lasted about 2 hours and 30 min.
Tratto: Banikovske sedlo – Adamcula lasted about 2 hours and 30 min., too.

Itineraries marked

Itinerary Rohácske plesá , Zelené, Tri kopy, Baníkov – red-blazed trail
Itinerary Zelené, Placlivé, Ostrý Rohác - green-blazed trail
Itinerary Brestová, Osobitá, Lúcna, Rákon, Volovec, Baranec - blue-blazed trail
Itinerary Brestová, Látaná dolina, Lúcna, Rákon, Volovec – yellow-blazed trail



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