Kovacova The Kovacova thermal swimming pool is located in the valley of the Hron river on the eastern foot of the Kremnicke pohorie, 5 km from the town of Zvolen. Visitors can find here an attractive environment, pools for swimmers, for non-swimmers and children, sportsgrounds for sports and games, and sufficient number of refreshment and catering facilities.

Activities and attractions: Changing rooms, lavatories, family changing rooms, loungers for sun-bathing, massage are to your disposal, and for children there is a 90 m long helter-skelter. In the sportsground area you can play table tennis, minigolf, beach volleyball, minitennis, minifootball, handball. In the open-air fitness area you can also use a stationary bike. The nature environment of the Kovacova thermal swimming pool offers opportunities for interesting mountain hikes and walks. Not very far from the swimming pool there are Sliac and Kovacova spas, and historical towns Zvolen, Banska Bystrica, Kremnica, Banska Stiavnica.


Sturovo – Vadas

Sturovo offers to visitors two thermal swimming pools.

Vadas The swimming pool I: situated on the meadow called Vadas in the town of Sturovo. The part of the swimming pool area are solariums with the total area of 6000m2, the helter-skelter and grass areas, shaded and sunny, suitable for recreational sports.

Activities and attractions: The nearby lake with the area of almost 2 ha can be used for recreational purposes, as well as four tennis courts, minigolf, table tennis, autodrom and motor boats. The new large-areal pool (3800 m2) with artificial sea waves in operation from 01.07.2004. The water temperature varies between 28 - 30 °C, the water depth is starting from 20 cm up to 155 cm.

Vadas The thermal swimming pool II: can be found near the Danube river at Artezska Street. On the area of more than 1,2 ha there is a pool for non-swimmers with the dimensions of 25x21 m which is 80-130 cm deep and water´s temperature is 30° C. The catering establishments provide a wide assortment of meals and beverages.

The season traditionally begins on 10 May and ends on 10 September.


Veronika, Rajec

Veronika - Rajec Rajec is situated 22 km southwest from the town of Zilina. The Veronika swimming pool is located on the outskirts of the town in the direction Rajec-Povazska Bystrica on the right hand side. In the pools area there are 8 pools, parking place and area for approx. 1000 cars, hotel.

Activities and attractions: five-way slide, small roller coaster, children´s slides, possibility to play beach volleyball, minigolf, table tennis, basketball, wide refreshment offers - 2 restaurants, café, bar, Slovak chalet, 6 buffets.


Gino Paradise Besenova

Gino Paradise Besenova The Besenova swimming pool is located in the picturesque environment of the Chocske vrchy (hills), Nizke Tatry a Velka Fatra, 12 km away from the town of Ruzomberok.

Water temperature: Besenova is a spa which came into being thanks to its curative hot springs with the temperature of 62° C, the temperature of water in the pools is 36-40°C depending on the season.

Effects: Mineral water has beneficial effects on human organism, namely on locomotory and urological organs, and respiratory organs. It has also significant cosmetic effects.

Open: Pool is open for the public all the year round, in winter months as well, when it provides a unique experience with a view of the surrounding mountain peaks covered by snow

Attractions: Apart from swimming you can enjoy relaxation massage here, also other services for active recreation and regeneration are provided.


Margita - Ilona, Levice

Margita - Ilona, Levice The Margita-Ilona swimming pool is located in the town of Levice. In the area of the swimming pool there are two laminated pools ("Adam" - 50x21 m and "Tereza" - 25x12 m). The pools are operated by using the most advanced technology on the basis of constant water circulation through the treating unit. The pool "Ilona", 50 - 60 cm deep, is suitable for smaller children, and the pool "Eva" (50x21 m) can be used by good swimmers..

Water temperature: All pools are filled with thermal water with the temperature of 25° C which contains mineral salts.

Activities and attractions: possibility to play beach volley, streetball, futball, tennis, minigolf. Several fast-food stalls and a restaurant in the swimming pools area provide refreshment and meals all day long. The town of Levice and its surroundings provide an opportunity to make the stay of visitors more interesting. You can visit the Levice Castle and the exhibition of the Tekovske Museum there, also the stone dwelling in Brhlovce and the water mill in Bohunice.


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