Silicka ladnica Ice Cave Silick√° ladnica ice cave is a deep cave situated in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mts., geomorphological whole Slovak karst and subwhole the Silicka planina Plateau. Is located near the village of Silica, 22 km from the city of Roznava. The great portal of the sheer passage opens an large ice chamber with a sinking glacier and ice stalactites.

The glaciation of the entrance chasm is very young phenomenon what was happened by the roof falling around two thousand years ago. The Silicka ladnica Ice Cave is a static ice cave with the maximum volume of the floor ice about 340 m3. The cave continues along the underground stream Cierny potok by a sequence of the shallow siphons alternated large domes.

Silicka ladnica Ice CaveEntrance of the Silicka ladnica Ice Cave lies on 503 m above sea level. The cave is 1100 m long and 110 m deep. Before the Ice Age cave was inhabited more than once. The archaeological dating to the Neolithic, Bronze Age and La Tene Culture (the Late Iron Age).

The cave is freely accessible through the marked tourist route which is from the parking entrance of the village of Silica.

This national natural monument since 1995 is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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